Build Your Best Self: now available!

This program is designed for people who are at least intermediately familiar with weight training. You will be following a 4 OR 5 day workout split which allows you to work specific groups of muscles each active day. There will be two days assigned to glutes and legs, do both if you see fit, but one is optional. If you choose to just do one per week, switch between the two each week. Cardio as well as the ab workouts are both optional too, depending on your personal preferences and goals; these options will remain the same throughout the program. You are welcome to do these on rest days, but please make sure you do give yourself at least 1-2 days of complete rest per week. You will follow this split for a total of 4 weeks. Try to focus on progressing in weight increases if possible each week or bi-weekly.

This eBook has a bonus section with easy meal ideas as well.

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