Split-Second ‘Cheesecake’

If you’re anything like me, you’ve pinned quite a few recipes that you’ve never really gotten around to making. For me personally, cheesecake is one of them. I see a protein cheesecake float around the fitness-sphere, and I have made it once (it was delicious, definitely not real cheesecake, but it wasn’t weaponry-status in the texture department like some protein powder recipes and tasted pretty darn good), but sometimes you just want instant gratification. Here’s a quick, versatile recipe with variations just in case your kitchen isn’t Narnia and you’re missing an ingredient or two.

You will need:

1 cup Greek yogurt (any flavor or plain)

1 scoop Slap Nutrition Vanilla  Frosting or Slappy Birthday Cake Whey Isolate Powder

1 tbsp coconut flour OR 1/2 tbsp Jell-O instant pudding mix in cheesecake flavor OR 1 tbsp rice flour

What to do: mix all ingredients like it’s a workout. Like, really mix them well. Feel the burn in your arm until all powders are completely dissolved. Let sit in fridge or freeze for about 5 mins then stir again, top with whatever you’d like and enjoy!

For all you macro-counting magicians, recipe using vanilla Greek yogurt, protein powder and coconut flour: 30C/1F/46P

Tell me, what’s your favorite Jell-O pudding flavor? Or favorite cheesecake topping?

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