this is why i slap.

This post is definitely a long time coming; I’ve been with Slap Nutrition as a sponsored athlete for over three years now and it’s been nothing less than one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences so far in my life. I know that probably sounds completely ludicrous because today, with all of the #belfies and selfies shelling out fifteen different supplement brands across social media platforms (and I’m not in any way judging here because I do it too lol guilty of the belfie y’all), it’s really hard to believe that there’s something below the surface of being “sponsored” or “affiliated” with a supplement company than making money and selling it to people. But I’ve learned – and hastily so – that Slap is so different. Yes, our supplements are completely natural, not sweetened or laden with chemicals or proprietary blends (read your labels, do your research on every ingredient that you see on your tub, you’d be surprised and also might want to barf about what some of the ingredients entail), they aren’t overly sweet (which can be an issue for some, but is easily overcome with some tongue rehab), and Slap supplements are extremely high-quality. But there is so much more than those already really cool frickin’ things behind this brand that I stand behind so confidently.


I’ll be the first to admit when I first saw Slap – it was actually on one of my good real-life friends’ Instagram pages – I was like actually what the f…udge is this? What is this hand thing that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Paint by a first grader in 1994?!?! You know, when The Oregon Trail game existed and computers resembled a very pregnant woman. But there’s plenty of reasoning behind our logo, as much as it pains me to look at as a designer on occasion (don’t worry, I was transparent to Jason how I feel, he doesn’t take offense, he just tells me something to do something NSFW). The Slap hand signifies that we are different, vastly different. Not only what goes on inside of our tubs, but outside of our tubs too. When Jason first created Slap, he was trying to live a healthier lifestyle and  get rid of what he calls his “neckburgers”, except every supplement he took gave him neckburgers in his stomach and also made him look like said 1994 computers. So thus came Slap, and from the very beginning he’s done things differently and still does; damn, do I have a lot of respect for this dude. He’s basically done every single thing in this brand from the shipping to the marketing since the beginning and I’m super grateful today to be able to help him out with the latter and other exciting things too that ultimately help us grow our customer base and make people genuinely happy with their purchase, their relationship with the brand and their lives in general. I don’t think there’s been any orders that Jason hasn’t personally signed himself, added little extra goodies to, or did something completely ridiculous to make someone’s day. Ever found a stick for your dog in a box of supplements? You won’t find these personal relationships with many other brands, really, when you hear “Slap Fam”, it’s a real thing and it’s so awesome. For me personally, as an athlete, Jason has given me complete freedom to post what I want about the brand, whenever I want and also has supported me in my endeavors in and out of the gym. I know that he’s given that to so many others as well. None of this flash-mob style posting has gone down at Slap, it’s refreshing in a world of overwhelming in-your-face posts on social media with several brands that I won’t mention out of respect for them and my friends who may be involved with them. I have the freedom to create ridiculous marketing ideas, labels and designs that help us grow, but also keep us in our own category in the supplement industry. Of course I use my Slap supplements every day and I definitely have my favorites, but I can honestly say there hasn’t been anything I haven’t liked before that we’ve made; I will say that our first version of Slapuccino Pre-Workout was a little hard to choke down at times because of the gelatinous texture, but we were able to fix that last year and it’s now precise, smooth and delicious. The same feedback I just gave was also an issue with our customers too, and that’s why Jason fixed it. There’s a heck of a lot that goes into a supplement company, and sadly in the world we live in, a lot of companies – not just supplement companies – are notorious for cutting corners to save money, cutting corners to hide things from their customers that may hinder  the purchase of said product, but with Slap, I stand behind a company that is completely transparent about every single ingredient, has nothing to hide, nothing proprietary, and oh, a real life human behind it all that will literally do anything in his power to make his customers – aka his Slap fam – happy and completely satisfied, whether it be with an order, a product or just in general. Not to mention that Jason is probably one of the most ridiculous and hilarious human beings I’ve ever met, I don’t think there’s been a day that’s gone by where I haven’t busted out in laughter because of his ridiculousness. He once told me that I had a large piece of furniture in my ass. I can’t find it, though. So I’ll keep you updated on that one.


 It’s been an awesome journey being a part of Slap Nutrition for these years and I can attest to the fact that yes, I’ve grown outside of the gym as explained above and learned a ton, but I’ve also religiously used these supplements day in and day out and they’ve never let me down, my body is physically the strongest it’s ever been. I am one slappy camper.


So, that’s why I Slap.


Oh, and here are my top 3 Slap products (this took me about 7 mins and 2 seconds of decision because I have commitment issues)…

Slappy Hour Mojito BCAA’s


Slappy Hour Sangria Creatine (I usually mix this + the BCAA powder pre-workout because I am currently not using caffeine)


SlapJacks! Protein Pancake Mix


As always, if you place an order, be sure to use my code MEGMO for a discount! Happy to answer any questions! And here are some recipe ideas if you need some!

xo Meg

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  1. I love your transparency – ingredients are just so important. Drinking the sugar laden, fake crap makes me a bit sick to be honest. I think I need to bite the bullet and buy some slap. Which BCAAs would you recommend? I missed out on the vegan pre order (yeah… I’m one of those ????) but hopefully I can get it on the next go around. They looked drool worthy.

    And thanks for being you! Love following you on insta. And the daily verses (while I’m not religious) are so uplifting.

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