Testimonials + Transformations

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing I had even the smallest impact on someone who has discovered their truth strength and purpose, inside and out.

Client Testimonials:

“The impact that Megan has had on my life really and truly cannot be put into words that do it justice.  When I found Megan, I was working with a coach, who in retrospect was not a good fit for me and my goals. I was on a carb cycle that was severely disrupting my digestion, and I was not making the type of progress in the gym that I wanted to.  Megan has really and truly been the answer to all of my struggles. She understands me and my goals in a way that no one else ever has, and I have made more progress in the year that I have been working with her than I ever dreamed possible. If you would have asked me if I would be living the lifestyle I am right now a year and a half ago, I would have laughed.  She has even inspired me to set a goal of becoming a bikini competitor and has been my biggest asset in working towards accomplishing that goal. The amount of muscle and strength I have gained in my time with Meg is truly hard to believe sometimes, and I cannot express how thankful I am to have her in my life. She is such a wealth of knowledge and her passion for personal training, fitness, and helping others is so very obvious each and every day.  I can always count on her to know just the right things to say when I am struggling, and she has done an amazing job of adjusting my training to help me progress and better myself not only physically but mentally as well. Megan is not only an amazing personal trainer, but she is an amazing human being too! I am beyond blessed to have her in my life and cannot thank her enough for how much she has changed my life for the better. “

-Olivia Wishman

“In working with Meg, I could talk about the muscle gain, weight loss, and familiarity with the gym I’ve experienced (and I’ll get to that!); however, my most important win from this experience so far is learning how to truly enjoy a healthy life. Before working with Meg, I was a yo-yo dieter and runner. I would go through rounds of some elimination diet or insane calorie deficits, or when I would get stressed, I would overeat–all of these choices only left me feeling empty. And, while I loved running, I wasn’t seeing any toning or weight loss; working out and not seeing results caused major self-esteem issues, too. Overall, I was in a hole I felt I couldn’t escape. 2019 was the year I knew I needed to make a change and really focus on a LIFESTYLE rather than a temporary solution. Meg was my lifesaver. From day one, she was clear about the format of her program and gave so many helpful tips on tracking meals, which, honestly, was the most intimidating part of the whole program for me. She also provides great recipes in her initial email. I was terrified of the weight section at the gym, but whenever I had a question or needed to change an exercise, Meg was available to answer right on the spot.  It is very clear that Meg looks at all the data I send her to create my workout program, and she also uses that data to help me create my own goals for the week. She is compassionate, excited for her clients, and knows when to kick a little booty when needed. I learned to love my body and appreciate food in a way I literally never thought was possible, and in turn, my life changed. I don’t panic every time I can’t control the food I am able to eat (i.e. at a party), I have a set routine for my workouts, and I have her to count on for support (even sometimes when it’s not coaching-related! haha!). These last 6 months have been HARD, and I would have struggled if it wasn’t for her. I will be forever grateful for this relationship in my life.”

-Jaci Fabian

“I could rant on and on about how amazing and sweet Meg is or how she’s a magical mermaid with super sea kelp farting powers that enlightens your life (all true by the way) but let’s be real. You want to know why I started and if “it works”.
That’s what I wanted to know!

So Why Meg? Well, I work in healthcare my time is limited, my nutrition was suffering, and energy was LOW. No amount of training was helping me reach my goals. I saw a friend train with Meg; her results were on point, and her lifestyle wasn’t flipped upside down. A girl needs a brownie from time to time!
First things first Meg got me on a nutrition plan for MY goals and My needs. No “skinny fix” but a healthy safe balance of nutrition. Work outs are also super versatile and she modified them to what I have available (Home workouts are my jam!).

Is it working? Well, she gave me the tools and continually answers any and all questions to make sure I can succeed….but I PUT IN THE WORK! and YES! I’m seeing the results. Accountability goes a long way in success for me. I could go on and on but she’s so supportive and wants to see you succeed! That’s the best part. 5 stars, 10/10! 100% recommend letting her knock the diet nonsense out of your head and the the healthy lifestyle magic in!”

-Sheena Tavana

“I’ve been working with Megan for 2 months now and the transformation I have seen, both physically and mentally, is more than I could’ve imagined for myself.  I’ve already lost several inches and gained a ton of confidence!  Let’s face it, there’s a plethora of weight loss/fitness information out there as well as fad diets and it’s hard to know where to even begin.  I felt overwhelmed and defeated before I even started.  Megan’s approach is simple.  She has created an easy to follow program that works for me and is a sustainable shift in my lifestyle.  She’s customized effective workouts that I can do in the comfort of my own home, when it’s convenient for me – something that was very important to me.

I am so excited to continue my fitness journey with Meg and see just how far I can go.  She is constantly in my corner cheering me on and keeping me motivated.  I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else and I truly cannot thank her enough.  My coworker was so impressed with my transformation that she signed up too!  Hands down the best decision I ever made and one of the greatest people I’ve ever met!”

-Lauren Pine

“I started working with Megan 4 months ago after dealing with a lot of self doubt and restriction for years. I can truly say I am SO GLAD that I found her!  I have been on my fitness journey for over 10 years now and have never felt the freedom and confidence in myself that I feel now. Megan is very easy to talk to and just gets it. She is always there to help motivate me and hold me accountable without making me feel bad or guilty for any “mistakes” I’ve made along the way! The workouts are amazing and I finally feel like I’ve found balance in my routine. I can’t even explain how good it feels to no longer feel guilty for eating more than 1200 calories a day because I now have a better understanding of how the dieting process should work. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Megan!”

-Lisa Heck

“I truly don’t know where to start. Ever since I started doing my girl Meg Mo’s workouts IVE NEVER ???????? FELT ???????? BETTER???????? and HAPPIER! As someone who is fresh off of prep, I wanted GOOD EFFECTIVE lifts and workouts, without the complicated 10 sets of 50 turning into me dreading each and every workout. And spending 2+ hours in the gym leaving exhausted to even shower. You are done in 45 min or less. And each week I STILL GET SORE. These workouts are simple and keep it real… aka get the job done. For real life humans that lead full time lives that love to exercise! Each and every workout and week I get so excited to lift and continuously going heavier in my lifts!! So amped up for what’s to come.. can’t thank you enough, you’re stuck with me :)”

-Laura Meyer

“Where can I start? Well let me tell you, this girl deserves ALL THE HYPE. I cannot speak highly enough of her as a trainer, an educator, and as a person. She genuinely loves what she does and has a passion that is unmatched. As someone who is in school to become a registered dietitian, I love finding people who share my passions for food and fitness and constantly learning. Meg knows her stuff and she is the daily dose of positivity that you need. She helped me crush my goals and establish new goals to work towards. I am beyond grateful for my decision to work with her, learn from her, and I truly consider her a friend. MUCH LOVE MEG.”

-Madison Frye

“As someone who has no earthly idea what to do in the gym, I NEEDED Meg’s book in a bad way. It’s not that I don’t want to work out, it’s that I don’t know HOW; and let’s be honest, I don’t have the time or money to dedicate to a personal trainer at the moment.

But more importantly than every workout out resulting jell-o limbs, this ebook gave me the confidence I was lacking in the gym. Thanks to Meg, I now walk into my workouts with goals and plan of exactly how to execute them.”

-Colleen Nichols

“I have been working with Megan now for 4 months now. The results that have happened in these past  4 months have been huge. Not only have I dropped inches and gained muscle, but she has helped transform the way I look at food. I have struggled with food for years and in reality looked at food as an enemy. She has taught me how to balance food and see food as fuel for my body. Each week I get a treat meal, not a cheat meal, because I’m not cheating on my diet, I’m treating myself, as we all should. She even provided me easy recipes and good websites when I needed some fresh new meal ideas.

Megan has been so accommodating with my workout schedule and routine. As a busy mom who is going back to school, spending hours in a gym wasn’t going to be possible. She provided me with MANY home workout routines in an easy to follow plan. Let me tell you, those routines targeted the muscle groups and were just what I needed. She custom made the plan to fit MY schedule. When I was able to go to the gym a couple times a week, she immediately adjusted my plan to fit my new schedule.

Any questions or support I have needed along the way, she was right there for me. I can’t thank Megan enough for what she has done for me. If you are looking to transform yourself, look no further. Megan will provide you with what you need to succeed, all you have to be willing to do is put in the work and she will be right there cheering you on!”

-Brittany Weber

“For the past two years I have been on a fitness journey.  In this time I have tried numerous fitness programs, but none compare to Megan’s fitness programs and workouts.

All her programs motivate and push you to work hard and become a better you. Megan’s workouts target and reawaken muscle groups I didn’t know existed.  While using these,  I have noticed more definition and have become more toned!

Her programs keep me motivated and looking forward to working out. The workouts weren’t over intimidating and due to the different combos, I never got bored. They keep my muscles guessing and my interest engaged.  One of my favorite things about Megan’s programs is that they can be used with different weight variations and catered to be used either at the gym or in the comfort of your home with basic equipment.

I highly recommend giving Megan’s programs a try. You have nothing to lose but maybe some extra weight,  but everything to gain like confidence, tone muscles and a better you! “

-Jennifer Bass

Meg is a phenomenal coach. When I started with her, I didn’t know how to stick to a healthy routine — I felt lost and didn’t know where to start with working out and eating right. From the beginning Meg understood my needs and met me with care and purpose. No quick fixes, just patience and consistency. Working with Meg, I learned sustainable and foundational habits that truly helped me stick to my goals. I was able to make progress with my body, but more importantly (for me), with my mindset shift. I’m so grateful to Meg for everything she’s taught me. 

-Liz Lopez-Haughton

Client Testimonials for our coach Liv:

In the last 18 months, I have gained more confidence and knowledge than I ever thought possible. Liv has been an incredible mentor, support system and friend. She gives me a kick in the butt when I need to be pushed, but she also gives me grace in the moments when I feel like I’m failing. She helped me achieve my goals, both physically and mentally, by considering what I needed personally to make these habits part of the journey and not just a destination. We are all going to go through phases of life where we are more on top of our goals than other times, but the important thing is to let yourself live and never give up. Life isn’t all or nothing. Do the work, do your best, take care of yourself and enjoy the journey. I am blessed to have been able to learn these lessons and more from Liv. I know she has helped me become a better version of myself, inside and out.

– Jennifer Webb

As someone who was previously intimidated by the gym, especially the free weights section, it was amazing how in just a few short weeks with Liv’s guidance and understanding of my current fitness levels & goals how I was able to really find a rhythm and confidence in my strength training sessions. Outside of the gym, I started seeing the changes that having judgment-free accountability and unlimited cheerleading could have on my life. Liv was constantly pushing me to the next level and believing in me each step of the way. I’m so thankful for the months I spent training with Liv– she changed the way I view strength training & the ways it can change not only my body but my mind, too. 

-Laura Willis 

“In just almost 4 months of working with Liv, I can confidently say she has COMPLETELY changed my life. I began this journey not knowing exactly what to expect, other than I expected myself to probably fail. What I did not realize almost 4 months ago, was how wrong I was going to be! Not only have I seen huge physical changes and muscle growth, but my MIND has become so much stronger than it was. My self-talk has completely flipped for the better and I have learned to be kind to myself. I am stronger physically and mentally, and have more discipline than ever–again, something I did not expect. This is NOT a quick fix, this is a mind, body, and soul overhaul. Every week working with Liv lifts me up and is the highlight of my week. Her support, expertise, and passion for what she does is so inspiring! Almost 4 months later, I have never felt better and my confidence level has skyrocketed! I am just so excited to continue working with Liv and see all that I can achieve in the future. Not only do you get the opportunity to change your life, but you also have a strong little girl gang of women supporting you along the way and to me that is everything.”


Working with Liv has been the best thing to happen to me in a while. Before starting with her, I would do a HIIT workout almost daily,  go on really restrictive/unhealthy diets to lose weight quickly. I was constantly stressed about my food choices, always trying to eat clean/low carb/paleo/keto or whatever the trend of the year was, and eating out was never enjoyable because I always felt guilty. I  also never saw results.  It was frustrating as heck. Over the summer, I was very depressed with my appearance, and I figured my body would never change. I told myself this was just how I was meant to look, and I should get used to it. 

But then I started working with Liv. I started eating more protein (way more), and I started lifting weights consistently, without the strain of HIIT.  I also started eating more carbs! In the past months my life has completely changed. I have been able to actually ENJOY food, and I get to eat foods that I enjoy without guilt (this includes the bagel I have almost every morning). I don’t have to restrict myself to a salad every day, and I don’t have to go hungry! The best part is I am seeing results! I have never looked as good, I have never felt as good,  and I have never felt as relaxed around food. Working with Liv has broken me out of my constant “fear of food diet” cycle, and has enabled me to eat the foods I love, stay full, and still reach my health and fitness goals.  The best part is, my results won’t reverse if I take a day “off” my macros for my birthday or go on vacation for a week. These are the results that come from making consistent life changes, and it really shows in everything I do. Needless to say, I have never felt better!


-Alex Alford

I’ve been working with Liv for over a year now and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. As a former athlete who retired from her sport and went on to gain quite a bit of weight I felt like my metabolism was “broken”.  I had tried every fad diet; low carb, no carb, low fat, low calorie. Instagram advertised every pill, program and fad on the market to me and I would try it. But nothing was working because nothing was sustainable. Even if I lost some weight, I’d gain it back shortly, plus some.

Then I made one of the best decisions of my life. I sent an email to a fitness and nutrition coach I had followed on Instagram for a while Meg (@megmo_fit). She introduced me to her right-hand woman Liv and my life was forever changed.

Liv taught me how to count macros, gave me killer workouts (my butt has never been so sore) and supported me mentally through the ups and downs. Literally any time of day she was available. After following her program for only a few weeks I knew something magical was happening. Within 3 months the differences in my measurements were astounding and the compliments were rolling in. However, the improvements in my mental health don’t even compare to the changes in my waistline. I have always been anxious when it came to diet, exercise, and weight gain. Now I honestly barely ever stress about it. I even stay comfortable when life gets in the way; I can make any food fit into my lifestyle (pasta night with my gfs? Sure!) and skip a workout if I need to (full day of work? No problem). Liv taught me I don’t have to be perfect; I just have to be consistent. She’s changed my life forever and I will be forever grateful. She’s an amazing coach, cheerleader and friend.

Angela McIsaac

I started working with Liv last October and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Liv is an amazing inspiration, mentor and coach. She not only encourages you and supports you, but understands that life happens and sometimes we all have a bad week. Liv has helped me stay on track with my workouts but also my nutrition. 

Liv has completely helped me change my mindset on EVERYTHING! I truly thought I wouldn’t have lasted more than 3 months with her.  Boy, was I WRONG! I have seen physical changes and muscle growth, but the biggest change of all has been mentally.  I look forward to my weekly check-ins, even if it’s been a bad week. I push myself at the gym to hit PRs and I am not afraid to try new things. The whole process is baby steps and although I get frustrated with myself at times, she is always there to ENCOURAGE me!  Liv is AMAZING and I feel so comfortable with her! I get excited to tell her the littlest things (new PRs, work changes, gym stories, etc). It’s crazy, but I am so thankful she is my coach!  I can’t thank her enough and look forward to more of this journey with her! 


-Adria Willer

“There are not enough positive adjectives in the world to describe Liv. She’s an endless source of inspiration, positivity, and when I need it most, a source of tough love. I came to Liv just desperate to feel better about myself, to lose weight, and to fix my nutrition. I was feeling defeated after trying for so long on my own and not seeing progress or change. Liv’s program and support have brought immeasurable change in the last 3 months that I haven’t been able to accomplish on my own in years. It’s not just physical but it’s also mental. I am becoming the person I wanted to be. Someone who can balance an active life with their health and fitness. Someone who can practice mindful eating and has a wildly better understanding of their nutrition. Liv is there to cheer me on when I’m crushing my workout and nutritional goals, and to help lift me up and get me back on track when I’ve had a week when I just couldn’t get it together. The accountability is incredible, but it’s also incredibly personal and Liv makes you feel like you’re truly working with a close friend and confidant. I’ve come to realize this process is absolutely a marathon and not a sprint, and will come with ups and downs, but Liv helps keep me focused in the now and like anything is possible. Thank you Liv!!”

-Jill Hollis

“I have been working out with Olivia for 3.5 months and have noticed drastic changes in my body! In this time, I have fallen in love with working out because the workouts she puts together are fun while still being extremely challenging. Olivia has told me time and time again that consistency is key and perfection is never expected. She has also helped me understand that the number on the scale doesn’t matter as much as how you are feeling and how your clothes are fitting. I would highly recommend working with Olivia if you are interested in learning how to live a more healthy, both physically and mentally, life!”

-Meredith Pace


“Working with Liv has been an absolutely amazing experience. As someone with a Kinesiology background, I am very picky when it comes to choosing a personal trainer. Liv has completely exceeded my expectations. Liv also was a kinesiology major and has her ATC, LMT, NASM CPT/PES .. talk about a badass. She takes this job extremely seriously. Even before fully starting with my workouts and macros, Liv EDUCATED me on the importance of stress and sleep which are usually overlooked in the fitness industry. I have learned so much about fitness and myself since starting this journey. I have truly grown both mentally and physically. Liv has made this LIFESTYLE possible. I am so grateful to have an amazing coach and friend!”

-Keeva Cleary

Working with Liv for the last 6 months was life changing.  She is so positive and upbeat and she really helped me focus on movement and nutrition as a lifetime choice and not a short diet program.  Plus, the lifts she created for me were butt-kicking in the best way.  She took a few suggestions of things I did and did not want to do and managed to create diverse and interesting workouts that I was always excited to do, even leg days.  Honestly, it was an honor to work with such an experienced coach.  I felt like even though we talked over email and instagram, Liv really got me and understood what was important to me in my everyday life and in my lifting life.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  It was a joy to be her client! 

– Jill Holsclaw

I cannot say enough positive things about working with Liv. I started training with her five months ago and it has been LIFE CHANGING. I am one of those people that never has had a healthy relationship with food. I have tried every single fad diet and done every type of workout program possible and still was never satisfied with the results or the results were quick fixes that weren’t sustainable long term. I went from eating very minimal calories and supplementing meals with protein bars to eating more than I have in my life and I am still losing weight and gaining muscle. Liv has changed how I think about food! I don’t feel like I am dieting at all; I still get to thoroughly enjoy my carbs and haven’t had to eliminate anything out of my diet. I now only eat protein bars as a snack and can’t believe that I once thought those were sustainable for meals. Thanks to Liv, I now have a much healthier relationship with food and that alone has improved my mental health drastically.  I haven’t been this happy with my appearance in a very long time; I have never looked or felt better!! I also never realized the benefits and effects of consistently lifting weights. I went from doing cardio and HIIT classes to weightlifting with minimal cardio and I honestly will never go back. Liv has helped me navigate the weightlifting world and has taught me so much.  Liv gives me tough love when I need it and gives me grace when I don’t think I deserve it! You can’t ask for a better coach and friend than Liv! Investing in myself and my health has been the best decision that I have ever made and I couldn’t have done it without Liv. The improvements in my physical and mental health are incredible! If you are on the fence about spending your money on a fitness + nutritional coach, do it! You won’t regret working with Liv! I know that I don’t and will continue to work with her for a very long time! 

-Allie Nance

“In the 5 short months I’ve trained with her, Liv has helped me physically and mentally.  Her unique ability to foster meaningful relationships with her clients in a way that is supportive and approachable made it easy for me to dive right into her program!

As someone who has tried numerous diets and exercise programs in the past, what I value most about training with Liv is her approach to overall health and wellness. I never thought I’d be able to ditch the ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality that was holding me back from reaching my goals, but Liv’s coaching has made me believe otherwise… and life is so much better because of it! Liv is extremely patient and kind — always available to answer questions or give me a stern pep talk when I need it most 🙂

Liv’s workouts are killer — in a good way — and I love that I’m able to plan them around my busy schedule. The workouts feel tailored to me and the progress I’m seeing week-to-week, and are always designed to be done with whatever equipment I have access to (I workout at home).

I really can’t say enough good things about this program — Liv has become a huge support system in my life that I didn’t know I needed, and I’m so happy I started working with her.”

-Gwen Cooke

Fitness was always a major part of my life, but I knew that I was at a point where I needed guidance and accountability to take it to the next level. Liv was the most amazing person for the job. She is professional, patient, kind and so FUN to work with. Liv was able to create workouts that kept me excited for the gym, eager to get up and get after it each week. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition as well. As she helped me track my macros, she also provided insight on how and why each macro was important for my body. She taught me the importance of consistency, patience and discipline, while encouraging me to live my life and never sacrifice fun. She was there for me for every high and low of this fitness journey, and always made herself available to hype me up or talk me off the ledge with sound advice that came from experience and genuine care. I started this journey for an aesthetic goal, and ended up with SO much more. I have never been this confident, this strong, and this empowered. Thanks to Liv’s guidance, this lifestyle is now a way of life for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-Gianna Gearity

Client Testimonials for our coach Corey:

“I just finished up about 6 months with Corey and I SO wish I could have kept him for longer. In our short time together ,Corey gave me exactly what I was looking for in a virtual trainer; he helped me get comfortable and knowledgeable on muscle groups and lifting again (it had been a few years!), he taught me SO much about nutrition and macros, and I lost like 22″ around my body! I feel and am so much stronger than when we started out, look and feel better in my jeans, and have the building blocks and confidence to keep this momentum going. Learning experience aside, Corey was also so supportive of me and always gave fantastic feedback and motivation. If you’re considering a virtual trainer, I couldn’t recommend Corey and the Megmo Fitness squad enough. They make sure that the workout plan they give you works with your schedule and they customize the exercises based on your access to equipment, abilities, and interests (I gave Corey an inventory of my apartment gym and he worked off that!)! THANK YOU COREY!!”

– Lacia Sommars

Working with Corey has really helped foster a better understanding of the importance of nutritional balance, consistency, and building healthy habits. His weekly check in feedback is a positive and balanced combination of encouragement, accountability, and coaching. Corey is very easy to work with and explains any gaps in understanding with knowledge and examples, making the process smoothly in both nutrition and fitness coaching. Corey is adaptive and responsive, and I would recommend him to anyone on the market for a one-on-one coach.
– Madeleine Meyer


“Corey Jones has helped me to create a miracle in my life. I have trained with Corey Jones for almost 3 years. He provided online training during the time I was rehabbing after two surgeries as well. Corey has taught me nutrition, healthy thought processes and how to exercise. I have lost over 100lbs. during our time together so far. Corey has helped me maintain my 100lb. weight loss during rehab. Corey keeps me safe and has helped to improve my mobility. Corey has been patient and caring while I’ve made mental and emotional changes through all of this. Corey has inspired me to be happier, do more and live more. Corey is very knowledgeable about training in a variety of areas and he lives what he preaches. I love Corey’s work ethic and it produces great results. I trust Corey and have been amazed at what I’ve been able to do in my 50’s. Corey is professional, courteous, respectful and never judge-mental. Corey responds to my texts promptly and he is great at putting me at ease. Corey is always on time and I get more than my money’s worth. Corey is a life changer.”

– Kimberly Lowder 

“I’ve been a client of Corey’s for over a year. During the past year he’s been the best personal trainer by far. I’ve had a few personal trainers throughout my life. Corey has never given up on getting me back into shape and been flexible with my schedule. I highly recommend Corey to anyone that’s wanting to make a change in their life not just physically, but mentally as well. I’ve enjoyed the complete aspect that Corey encompasses with the whole aspect of his personal training sessions. Corey has you focus on the normal routine of exercise and nutrition, but also makes sure that you’re taking time for yourself by putting positive thoughts into your life and limiting yourself to the negativity out in the world. I like that Corey has followed up with me on how my work is progressing and if there’s anything he can help me with or answer any questions I may need help with. I’ve seen a huge difference in my life since I’ve started working out with Corey. Not only in my physical physique, but with my mindset of wanting to concentrate on being more healthy with my meal plans and the people I surround myself with. I like that Corey does put some personal accountability into my personal training, but doesn’t put me down if I missed a goal that month. Corey will call me out for it, but reminds me that tomorrow is a new day, week, month, and make the changes that are needed to accomplish my goals for myself.”

– Matthew Barret

“Corey is the best of the best! He is always checking in to make sure the program is working out well and if there’s any changes I want made. Corey has also helped me create a better relationship with my body that I know I couldn’t have achieved without him. He is my number 1 fan and supporter.”

– Sarah Cisar

 Client Transformations + Progress (to see much more, tap the “Client Love” highlight on my Instagram profile):